As already mentioned, I’m writing a piece on art and motherhood, it’s planned to go into a series of essays, together with a (maybe several) texts on all kinds of aspects connected to the concept of home. Motherhood and home are very connected concepts in my experience of life (maybe they are the same?). (ok, you get the idea, lots of thinking to be done here …)

My texts are not only theoretical reflections over these concepts, my intention is to discuss the ideas through art, to approach these concepts through art, and by this hopefully open up for new understanding – for me, and for my readers – of what a home is/can be, of what it is to be a mother/ can be … etc.

The work of Do Ho Suh is a great resource for my thinking about home/homelessness/space. Since I’m at the very beginning of my writing I thought it might be a good idea to start the day with an entrance, a way in

(or out ….)

Suh_LM14239_Blueprint_Leeum_Version_Leeum_2012_Inst_01_hr0DO HO SUH
Blueprint, 2010, translucent nylon (Edition of 3)
Installation view, Leeum Samsung Museum of Art © Lehmann Maupin

‘Blueprint’ was made for  the 12th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale. Its a collaboration between Do Ho Suh and Suh Architects. Do Ho Suh’s work is a full-scale (1:1 scale) 12.7 meter tall, hand-stitched, translucent fabric facade of the New York townhouse where he presently resides. As part of a series of works recreating the buildings in which he has lived, the artist continues to explore the notion of home in a nomadic, global society.

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