For those of you who – just like me – love the work of Do Ho Suh, a great presentation of a project of his is to be found here

Helena Almeida

How come I don’t know anything about the Portuguese artist Helena Almeida?! I must hasten to add: Helena Almeida is highly regarded – by those who know her, but if you try to do any research on her work you’ll find your sources to be … sparse (to put it mildly). There is, I believe, two…


… but also enormously encouraging, liberating & emancipating! Just a few weeks ago the British Council announced that Phyllida Barlow (1944), was to represent Britain at 2017 Venice Biennale. Being chosen for Venice was a particular surprise, the 72 year old Barlow told the Guardian in an interview: “It is really exciting and extraordinary to be asked…


As already mentioned, I’m writing a piece on art and motherhood, it’s planned to go into a series of essays, together with a (maybe several) texts on all kinds of aspects connected to the concept of home. Motherhood and home are very connected concepts in my experience of life (maybe they are the same?). (ok,…

Doris Salcedo

Today I will recommend a visit to Michelle & Gwarlingo: Artist Doris Salcedo: I Began to Conceive of Works Based on Nothing | gwarlingo. She has composed an excellent post on the the Colombian artist Doris Salcedo, go and have a look! Doris Salcedo; Installation at 8th International Istanbul Biennial (2003)