Christopher Le Brun

on painting “There aren’t any reasons for painting. That’s what’s special about it. It doesn’t need justification. It’s essential that it’s not used for other purposes. All of the things which will, as it were, take away from what’s mysterious about it.” Christopher Le Brun, more info:

From what I’ve read

(i) “To be in favor of solitude is not to be against community or friendship or love. It’s not that being alone is better, just that without the experience of it we block ourselves from discovering something enormously beneficial, perhaps even vital, to selfhood. Who are you when you are not a friend, a partner,…

In the workshop

Trying my hand at making intaglio prints on Plexi (acrylic glass), in the most beautiful printmaking shop; Tou Trykk, Stavanger working with water based ink Plexiglass with a tiny bit of leftover ink after the first round through the printing press Assessing…

Note to self

Brice Marden on the complexity of a very simple situation – Brice Marden is a contemporary American painter known for his subtle explorations of color and gestural lines. Marden belongs to a generation of American painters who arose in the aftermath of Abstract Expressionism and during the onsets of Pop and minimalism.

Still painting

Most often, the anxiety aroused by the summons to a larger life is more than we can bear. James Hollis, “Creating a Life”, p. 49 I have started a new series of paintings with the working title “ The Disagreeables”. For a long time I have tried to override my own inclination towards agreeableness when…

Bare Bilder

The exhibition My daughter-in-law made me this film ❤️


This is how Amina Cain’s novel Indelicacy begins: I THOUGHT THAT BEING in the country would help me write, with its fields and its horses, but I don’t think I was meant for that. For the country, or for help.—Amina Cain Sometimes a short paragraph is enough. Something unique is unfolding, words – this common…

The exhibition

A good thing about having a beautiful studio is that it can easily transform into a gallery. Saturday I hosted my first exhibition ever, a one-day event with paintings made the past year. Around 60 guests visited and 18 of a total of twenty eight pictures found new homes.

Sunday morning, studio

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”― Martin Buber

Running in circles …

… or maybe not? The circle in shape of a vessel resembling a Moon Jar has shown up in several of my recent paintings Moon Jars were originally made during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). They are curvaceous, plain white porcelain jars resembling a full moon. They were made customarily to contain flowers or wine, but…