reading up & sketching down; roses in art (cont.) Vincent van Gogh: Still Life: Vase with Roses (1890) Vincent Van Gogh (1853-90) is more famous for sunflowers, irises and blazing cherry blossom: but still his pale roses, incandescent against a pale green wall, is amongst my favorites. The flowers are in bright, exuberant bloom, their furled forms animated by… More Roses

The Ethics of Art

I have been travelling a lot lately; but unfortunately London is not on my route this year. If it were, I would definitively have visited Jorge Otero-Pailos’ installation The Ethics of Dust, in Westminster Hall. The Ethics of Dust at Westminster Hall (2016), Jorge Otero-Pailos The Ethics of Dust consists of two 25 x 6 metre large sheets of translucent… More The Ethics of Art

It is hard to drop from the self into the soul

From “The Edge of the Frame”, by Tony Hoagland             (an excerpt)   Joseph Cornell collected souvenirs of places he was miserable in, which pretty much was everywhere he went. Churchill felt afraid on stairs. Terrible migraines of Virginia Woolf entered her skull and would not be evicted. I read biographies because I want to… More It is hard to drop from the self into the soul


Louise Glück on creativity Claire Luchette: What are the seeds of your work? Do your poems grow from a feeling you want to convey, or a question you want to ask? Louise Glück: No. I never have the slightest thing in mind. In fact, I am suspicious of my existing ideas, my conscious thoughts and… More Floating


… but also enormously encouraging, liberating & emancipating! Just a few weeks ago the British Council announced that Phyllida Barlow (1944), was to represent Britain at 2017 Venice Biennale. Being chosen for Venice was a particular surprise, the 72 year old Barlow told the Guardian in an interview: “It is really exciting and extraordinary to be asked… More Scrappy