Apropos moving –

Lucia Berlin called many different places home during her lifetime. The following is a list she made in the late eighties detailing the pitfalls of some of them. Excerpted from Welcome Home: A Memoir with Selected Photographs and Letters, by Lucia Berlin, 2018.  Juneau, Alaska—Avalanche the day I was born, wiped out a third of town. Deer…


As already mentioned, I’m writing a piece on art and motherhood, it’s planned to go into a series of essays, together with a (maybe several) texts on all kinds of aspects connected to the concept of home. Motherhood and home are very connected concepts in my experience of life (maybe they are the same?). (ok,…

Early morning walk

We’re expecting a summer storm, this is what it looks like before hell breaks loose –

calm waters

Having a swim with my son. Out the door, onto the pier & into the sea – who could dream of more? air 25°C, sea 20°C, latitude 58° N

Taking occupancy

Gradually things are finding their places in my new home. My husband & I both do a lot of work from home, so studies have had a high priority in our planning. (We have had no choices on the exterior design of the house, but have had some saying on the interior – and have…

Birches in love

holiday is overrated, I have been away for too long … … after weeks in beautiful, sunny Spain, my Norwegian wood suddenly looks like an enchanted garden; all green and fresh and mysteriously dark untouched


Lately I have been asking myself: Is there any connection between my new interest for nature writing and my long-lasting investigation into the concept of home? Today Kathleen Jamie contributed an interesting thought to my ongoing inquiries: We maneuvered the yacht carefully into a bay where a pale beach was backed by dunes. It had been…