I’m in no position

– to judge about the quality of contemporary American poetry, but what I can say, is this: the anthology The Best American Poetry 2015 comprises a handful of really great poems But hold on; this isn’t going to be a review. I only wanted to tell you about two of the poems I really liked, … More I’m in no position

Becoming bird

In 2010 Masahisa Fukase’s The Solitude of Ravens was, rather unforseen, selected as the best photo-book of the years 1986-2009. Unforeseen because the book is a kind of an obscure masterpiece, not really that well known. from Fukase: The Solitude of Ravens The Japanese artist Masahisa Fukase (1934-2012) made the picture series Karasu (Ravens) – the works the book is based upon – … More Becoming bird

Heart of a Dog

I’m listening to the soundtrack from Laurie Anderson’s film Heart of a Dog. Heart of a Dog is Laurie Anderson’s memoir in the form of a fantastical documentary film. The dog in question is the late Lolabelle, a rat terrier adopted by Ms. Anderson and her late husband, Lou Reed, who died in 2013. As did Lolabelle. The … More Heart of a Dog