rough sea

IMG_2426IMG_2448 IMG_2452 IMG_2432These images are from Kvassheim, not far from my house by the ocean. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so this is iPhone. But hopefully you can still get a sense of what the North Sea is like after a rough night.

IMG_2427Today has been calm, but the meteorologists are promising more wind in the days to come.

No snow, lots of rain …


Søndag22. desember12–18 Mandag23. desember12–18 Tirsdag24. desember13–19 Onsdag25. desember13–19 Torsdag26. desember13–19 Fredag27. desember13–19 Lørdag28. desember13–19 Søndag29. desember13–19 Mandag30. desember13–19
Kraftig regn Skyet Regn Regn Regn Regn Regn Regn Regn
6,3 mm 0 mm 0,8 mm 1,9 mm 1,5 mm 4,7 mm 3,1 mm 1,5 mm 1,9 mm
Frisk bris, 11 m/s fra sørvest Frisk bris, 9 m/s fra vest-sørvest Stiv kuling, 15 m/s fra sør Liten kuling, 11 m/s fra sør Laber bris, 8 m/s fra sørøst Liten kuling, 14 m/s fra sørøst Frisk bris, 11 m/s fra vest-sørvest Laber bris, 9 m/s fra nord-nordvest Frisk bris, 9 m/s fra sør-sørvest

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    • This stormy weather is telling us something important about the power of nature, and our own powerlessness. Can be sensible to ponder upon …

      Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

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