Sunday hike

Rennesøy is part of the unique island landscape in Ryfylke, and is located just in between the North Sea and the fjord landscape of inner Ryfylke. This location makes for a large range and variety in nature and landscape. The cultural landscape at Rennesøy has been shaped through thousands of years. The climate is maritime,…

Still here

— sketching my way into autumn, having great fun mixing gouache & watercolours on my sketchbook pages

Such a fine find!

Following paths new to me, I came across something rather wonderful on my morning walk. Living by the sea I’m used to passing boathouses, and – if possible – I try to steal a glimpse inside. But the shacks I encountered today were rather closed off, except for a few small gaps and cracks here…

an expedition into unknown territories

  Doggerland They broke off after the cold. The ice age was over, the glaciers had retreated all the way back to Scandinavia, and humans wandered Northward. Over the land they settled down on, the North Sea today swashes.

rough sea

These images are from Kvassheim, not far from my house by the ocean. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so this is iPhone. But hopefully you can still get a sense of what the North Sea is like after a rough night. Today has been calm, but the meteorologists are promising more wind in the days…