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It is impossible to give a precise recollection of Richard Mosse’s work The Enclave, it is a 6 channel video installation with a brilliant sound track by Ben Frost. Here are just some quick snapshots to give you an impression:


Such a strange universe; due to his choice of film & filter the chlorophyll green gets very pinkish red, and the blue gets radiant – almost turquoise.


Richard Mosse, The Enclave, 2013. Six-screen film installation, color infrared film transferred to HD video

I have written my review of the exhibition. Now it’s time to go even deeper. I’m writing an essay on pain and beauty. It will be centered on this work, but I will also discuss Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, which has been an important source of inspiration for Richard Mosse.

I will try to go into dialogue with Susan Sontag’s superb second book on photography; Regarding the Pain Of Others (2003). And hopefully something worth reading will come out in the end.

“So far as we feel sympathy, we feel we are not accomplices to what caused the suffering. Our sympathy proclaims our innocence as well as our impotence. To that extent, it can be (for all our good intentions) an impertinent- if not inappropriate- response. To set aside the sympathy we extend to others beset by war and murderous politics for a reflection on how our privileges are located on the same map as their suffering, and may- in ways we might prefer not to imagine- be linked to their suffering, as the wealth as some may imply the destitution of others, is a task for which the painful, stirring images supply only an initial spark.”

― Susan Sontag, Regarding the Pain of Others

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  1. jane tims says:

    Hi. I always puzzle over the expression ‘exquisite pain’ … Speaks to the beauty of life in ALL it’s manifestations. ‘Heart of Darkness’ is one of my favourite stories … I have a painting of it, I’ll post on my Blog Friday. Jane

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