Continuous line

I like my sketches best when I manage to combine liveliness & simplicity – when everything looks easy. But nothing is more difficult than easy.

In my search for easiness I have found speed to be of great importance. And so to train my hand I am making a lot of quick continuous line drawings, using no more than 5-10 mins. I drew this scene from my car, as it is a cold (3 C) and rainy day.

I added a hint of colour at home – taking care not over work it.


I am making theses sketches in a small pocket size sketchbook, a book I have in my pocket whenever I leave the house. The paper is not really suitable for wash, but great for pen. And I love the square format.

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  1. bluebrightly says:

    They are great sketches, and I love the color treatment, too. So much energy, and life!

  2. Rio says:

    Yes, it really works! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sigrun says:

      THANKS for taking time to look ☺️

  3. dapplegrey says:

    Lovely! And lively! And I love square sketchbooks too……

    1. Sigrun says:

      & YES – I really like this format for quick sketches!

  4. cynthia says:

    I love your drawing and those adorable journals that I’ve never seen before!

    1. Sigrun says:

      THANK YOU, Cynthia!

  5. earthstills says:

    Your admission of ‘nothing [being] more difficult than easy’ seems to me to be the artistic equivalent of sorts of the literary confession of ‘I didn’t have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote a long one’ – except, you HAVE actually succeeded! Your drawing here (and in other posts) is wonderfully lively, simple and easy! You can write AND draw – you are an artist.

    1. Sigrun says:

      honored –
      THANK YOU!

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