too much work

& not enough time to play!

Here is my published review of Chiharu Shiota’s exhibition in Bergen, (in Norwegian …). If you don’t read Norwegian (is this even possible, not mastering the great language of Norway … ???!), here is the gallery’s own text – in English


Traveling up and down the cost of Norway, looking at nature, looking at art … but I really need to find more time to sketch!

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  1. Rio says:

    Does anyone ever say, “it looks like blood splatter”? I feel horrible that that is the first thing I think of, bodies in a wood chipper, but she must know all that red… So its looks violent. It looks like some terrible massacre has taken place. So is it intential on her part? Or does it just show how corrupted my imagination is. :/

    1. Sigrun says:

      In my review I describe them – amongst many things – as blood vessel run amok …

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