For a Moment

by Ron Padgett It’s funny how if you just let go of things they will come to you. That is to say sometimes. So what good is such a generalization? Ah, it makes you feel good to say such things from time to time, as if you actually and really and truly knew something! “For … More For a Moment

Spitting Toxotes

Every morning I receive news from a web-site called, a site passing on research news from all kinds of areas. The other day I learned that there is a fish that seems to be able to recognize fases, even if it – as usually go for fish – lacks neocortex. I had never before heard … More Spitting Toxotes

Ekphrastic poetry

For those of us working in all kinds of genres: Moonrise, Aurora, Nebraska by Twyla Hansen No Ansel Adams but the snapshots we captured through the open car window on our eight megapixel cell phones on the side of the road off an exit ramp as truck taillights streaked eastbound opposite the earth’s rotation in … More Ekphrastic poetry

A Life In Hand

A blog is for many of us a kind of verbal & visual journal. I also like to journal on paper. A traditional journal does obviously allow for more privacy, but the main reason I journal is that it gives me the opportunity to make things with my own hands; text, drawings, photos, collages etc. … More A Life In Hand