A Painter’s Path


Nothing to do with anything, all to do with everything —

Gary Komarin – A Painter’s Path

And while you’re here, and if it is still weekend, why don’t you have some cake … ?

“The Cake painting sits on the wall. Each viewing provides new pleasures. The waistline does not change.”

–Gary Komarin

Komarin’s Cakes are an unexpected marriage between the architectural and the domestic. The Cakes are painted on paper bags joined from the back. The cakes are painted from top down to bottom in one easy movement. The drips take place as paint overflows the brush and allows for a free and unpredictable flow. Just as with an actual cake being iced, the drips move in their own unique ways and add an element of unpredictability to the whole …

Sarah King
Art in America

Gary Komarin (1951), American artist – Born in New York City, the son of a Czech architect and Viennese writer, Gary Komarin is, in his own words, a risk taker in contemporary painterly abstraction.

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