Whisper your dream to a cloud Ask the cloud to remember it – Yoko Ono, Acorn


Yesterday I went to Denmark to see Yoko Ono’s: HALF-A-WIND SHOW at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition was great, but Ono isn’t really about exhibited things and objects, her art is about relations, about the meeting between you – the viewer & her ideas and instructions. So in many ways the exhibition could be understood as…

Yoko Ono

The natural state of life and mind is complexity. At this point, what art can offer (if it can at all – to me it seems) is an absence of complexity, a vacuum through which you are led to a state of complete relaxation of mind. After that you may return to the complexity of…

—to write the things I will write, given who I am

I have spent the last year looking for my own voice. Putting all other writing assignments aside. It (this voice of mine) has, as some of you might have noticed, bounced off in all kinds of directions. It has sometimes wandered far off into the field of poetry, for then suddenly popping up amongst heaps…


Drill a hole in the sky. Cut out a paper the same size as the hole. Burn the paper. The sky should be pure blue. – Yoko Ono (1961)

(creative?!???) MESS, or: a state of confusion and disorderliness

I’ve started working on a short essay on Maggie Nelson’s Bluets. the book keeps popping up in my imagination, so I’ve decided to try to write myself through my fascination. As for now I haven’t got any written stuff to show you, but this is what my desk looks like at the moment: in comparison…


I’m studying mindfulness, that is to say: I’m studying to become more mindful. In theory it’s a piece of cake – – until one suddenly remembers that living is not some kind of theoretical activity, living is praxis; all the time, every day, here & now – –  and then the stupid self-assured piece of…

Fly Piece

Skin two thousand baloons. Fly them in the air. Yoko Ono, spring 1964

Throwing Piece

Throw a stone into the sky high enough  so it will not come back. Yoko Ono, spring 1964 * * *