All day I tried to paint the sky, clouds passing by. Every attempt a mistake stilted, awkward – – unreal Then I went out and looked up: And as for the first time I noticed;   the sky really doesn’t look real at all –  

Poetry – Philosophy – Religion

There is this situation, or maybe constellation is a better word for it, which really interests me; it has to do with the relationship between art, philosophy and religion. Ars Poetica V (personal lyric, cont.) – or: why you all should go ahead and read Gregory Orr Gregory Orr calls personal lyric a gift – given…

How come blue is the color of melancholy?

 Today my study of Bluets has led me home – Edvard Munch, Melankoli (Melancholy), oil on canvas, 1892 © National Gallery, Oslo As with many of Edvard Munch‘s works, “Melancholy” appears in several different versions and techniques. (His repeated use of the same concepts has made it difficult to identify some works due to the lack of…

We stumble – We fall – We fail –

– And so desire to progress, to become better poets, to eradicate a disease, to become better people, to perfect that which is perpetually imperfect. On Fear by Mary Ruefle