Sometimes I do not understand my own preoccupation with neatness, when there clearly is so much beauty to be found in untidiness   Engøy (0,1 km2, 424 inhab) Stavanger, 24. april 2014  

when ordinary life captured

– becomes extraordinary    michael wolf How is it, that the most ordinary scenes, sometimes – when captured by the most watchful eye – can become art? And who would dispute the beauty in this very ordinary everyday scene?  No doubt the ordinary will have a central place in my study of beauty. Recently I…

hiking Cinque Terre

I’m having an early autumn vacation – my plan is to visit Cinque Terre, Pisa & Lucca. The Cinque Terre (Five Lands) is a string of five fishing villages perched high on the Italian Riviera. I’ve never visited this part of Italy before, but from the images I’ve seen (like these snatched from Wikipedia) it looks extremely  picturesque. Manarola Corniglia Hiking…

Early morning walk

We’re expecting a summer storm, this is what it looks like before hell breaks loose –

ordinary oddities

The world is cold, clear and quiet – sharp & tranquil endless blue sky, sea, boats; some of which must have seen better days … – by the way: Did you know that boats freeze in winter? This one looks as if he is having a cold – .

Going Wild – a collective list

   Between the laundry and the fetching kids from school, that’s how birds enter my life. I listen. K. Jamie * * * RECOMMENDED READING Annie Dillard: EVERYTHING Rebecca Solnit: A Field Guide to Getting Lost, Wanderlust W. G. Sebald: The Rings of Saturn, Vertigo, Austerlitz, Campo Santo Alice Oswald: Dart Kathleen Jamie: Findings J.A….