A Morning Stroll –

— Altea The name Altea comes from the Greek Altahia which means “I cure”. In the last phase of Arab domination, Altea belonged to the Taifa of Denia. It was conquered in 1244 by Jaime I of Aragón and repopulated by Christians, obtaining the status of town in 1279. The church, IGLESIA PARROQUIAL DE NUESTRA…

Almost too good to be true

… but the fact is I will spend quite some time in Polop in the years to come. After first finding the perfect place to stay, I’ve started to collect maps and hiking guides.

The end

– of my holiday in the south I’ve no idea what these metal structures are. I found them by the harbor (you know – my preferred kind of wasteland); the things were rusty, huge and ugly, in a way I’m very tempted to call beautiful …  at least sculptural -.  

Birches in love

holiday is overrated, I have been away for too long … … after weeks in beautiful, sunny Spain, my Norwegian wood suddenly looks like an enchanted garden; all green and fresh and mysteriously dark untouched

A world of relative inaccessibility

I’m spending days in Spain doing a bit of reading on Woolf, but also gradually focusing on my own writing. And this time I mean fiction & poetry, not the kind of pre-given jobs & assignments I usually do. For some time now I have been working on a hybrid-text, mixing scientific observations and natural…