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Notes on Melancholy, part 1

A depressive illness or a passing feeling? Mental detachment or a precursor to genius? Melancholy is a critical part of what it is to be human, yet we all seems intent on removing all signs of sadness, depression, or, quite simply, low moods from our own lives. In  A Field Guide to Melancholy  Jacky Bowring studies melancholy…

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MOTHERs by Rachel Zucker -the body of my mother is everywhere- … Last spring I fell in love with Bluets, this spring MOTHERs have become the most disturbing & sacred book in my possession. There is a kinship between the two, an affinity in form: both being hybrids, part memoirs and part poetry, and both…

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I have not studied Dr Freud

Alessio had this comment to my post Woolf & the Ramsay’s: Thank you for sharing this. It is what I believe to be ‘writing as therapy’ as I recently suggested in one of my posts. Virginia Woolf is no exception. The comment, which I believe to be to the point, made me want to have a quick…

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