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Art on art

When your head gets filled with too much theory – try art: A SHORT TALK ON THE END What is the difference between light and lighting? There is an etching called The Three Crosses by Rembrandt. It is a picture of the earth and the sky and Calvary. A moment rains down on them. The…

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Mourning for Paris – and for us all – I turn once again to Jan Zwicky, looking for hope in dark times  … Prelude There is, said Pythagoras, a sound the planet makes: a kind of music just outside our hearing, the proportion and the resonance of things – not the clang of theory or the…

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on my desk

My desk tends to be a rather crowded place. But every now and then I try to tidy up, mainly to clear my thoughts. The next couple of weeks I will be writing a short essay on art and feminism. It’s a commissioned work, with limits in words and a set time. An enjoyable and…

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