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A custodian of larger issues

“It is a widely accepted notion that making art is about self-expression. And it is – but that is not necessarily all it is. It may only be a passing feature of our times that validating the sense of who-you-are is held up as the major source of the need to make art. What gets…

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As far as consistency of thought goes, I prefer inconsistency. –John Cage Fan Ho – Construction, 1957 Photographer Fan Ho was born in Shanghai, China in 1931 and immigrated to Hong Kong in his teens where he then began to photograph the drama of city life, ranging from the teeming markets to desolate alleyways.

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My year in pictures –

I have spent more time than usual taking pictures in 2016. I even treated myself to a new camera. Still I like best the images I have captured with my cell phone. And looking back I find this to be the one I like best: I like the rawness and almost threatening quality of the tree…

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Roses; epilogue

My rose text is done. Strange how one can work for weeks on a text which ends up at 567 words. But that’s how it is. For me, anyway. I have written this text on commission, it’s going into an exhibition catalogue. The text is written to a series of large-scale rose-drawings, pencil drawings in…

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Ars Poetica

ars poetica noun 1. a treatise on the art of poetry or poetics. . 2. Among the first known treatises on poetry, Horace’s “Ars Poetica” (also referred to as Letters to Piso, written about 19–18 bce for Piso and his sons) is literally translated as “The Art of Poetry” or “On the Art of Poetry.” The work…

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