see what I saw

sometimes I feel embedded in this landscape somedays I feel the landscape embedded in me – Årsland, Jæren, Norway

Come Rain, Come Shine

  Testing out my new camera. The world really had a lot to offer us this morning – 100% natural beauty.  

– rowing against the current

If you wonder what contemporary political art might look like, have a look at this: Antti Laitinen, Growler, 2009 video still … I tried to make a small iceberg, so throughout the winter I stored 7 cubic meters of snow inside a big styrofoam box. When the summer came, I took the snow out and brought it…

a new day

OGNA 7:30 am – 5°C windless looking west . Looking down (or up, depending on who’s perspective on life one chooses …) . looking east, North-East . Some of you know that I’m living my daily life in a house by the sea, or to be more specific; by a calm little bay. This house…


In 2012 Stavanger municipality and Stavanger Tourist Organisation launched a unique public health project called “52 everyday trips”. Every week a new walk, with a detailed map, was presented in the newspaper. The idea was to present the public for well marked routes right outside their own houses, making everyday activity an easier task. The 52 walks…


Today a nice response from Jenny made me go back to Alice Oswald’s wondrous book-long poem Dart (2002). Dart is the narrative of a river, tracking its life from source to sea, its a beautiful project, and you can read more about its genesis here. Here are some lines from the actual poem, just to give you the…

ordinary oddities

The world is cold, clear and quiet – sharp & tranquil endless blue sky, sea, boats; some of which must have seen better days … – by the way: Did you know that boats freeze in winter? This one looks as if he is having a cold – .

Afternoon walk

Sunrise 09:35 Sunset 15:48 Length of day 6h 22m (tomorrow it will be 2m more…) Ok, the weather could have been better, but who can really complain when living in a landscape like this?

Louise Glück

This might not read like a typical new year poem, but rather like something coming to an end. But the days are still very short, and the “stimmung” in the text is very recognizable – Twilight All day he works at his cousin’s mill, so when he gets home at night, he always sits at…