Where do old ships go when they die?

You know my love for beaches, for long stretches of land disappearing into the sea. For sand and salt water, empty places where the wind blows your mind out. The undisturbed beach is like paradise, a dream only some of us can experience. Far too many beaches are like hell, places for severe pollution and extremely dangerous…

looking down into heaven

– apropos art’s potential to heal Is it a banal idea to believe art can have healing qualities? Adrian Searle and lots of nameless online commentators seems to believe so. Wolfgang Laib on the other hand, original educated as a medical doctor, has a different kind of view. Laib understands art as possessing a spiritual healing function…

The end

– of my holiday in the south I’ve no idea what these metal structures are. I found them by the harbor (you know – my preferred kind of wasteland); the things were rusty, huge and ugly, in a way I’m very tempted to call beautiful …  at least sculptural -.  

when ordinary life captured

– becomes extraordinary    michael wolf How is it, that the most ordinary scenes, sometimes – when captured by the most watchful eye – can become art? And who would dispute the beauty in this very ordinary everyday scene?  No doubt the ordinary will have a central place in my study of beauty. Recently I…


On my way through life I find beauty in the strangest of places and vistas. Not so with Mr. Scruton, who says:  “I think we are losing beauty and with it there is the danger of losing the meaning of life.”  – we are living through the ‘uglification’ of our world – the randomization of our…

bathtub news

Not the most delicate of finds this one,but as a bathtub-documentarist I can’t afford to be choosy, my assignment is to document the reality, as it is … not to play around like –– an artist … ?    

if I was an artist –

– I would definitively go to the Arctic: Swirling winds of diamond dust, rainbow refractions everywhere, deep sounds emanating from under the ice, the physical presence of light … Still from Guido van der Werve’s film work Nummer Acht: Everything is going to be alright (2007). A first step in the right direction might be to…


I ended my post on Ana Torfs in an elevated state of mind. Happy to have found an artist who can play with science in such a beautiful way. But that doesn’t mean that I understand her work as a being science. Rather she show us the freedom of art, which is different form science’s….

art & meaning […] again […]

Yesterday, when thinking about art as a social and political affaire, I used Julie Mehretu’s art as offset & inspiration. Today I’m looking at Ana Torfs. (This all (obviously) have to do with art & meaning being central in my own literary project at the moment. For some time I have been playing around with science in…

The Big Cloud

El Reno, Oklahoma. May 31, 2013. / Photo: Camille Seaman * Camille Seaman presenting beautiful storms at TED: * ……………………………………………………… Camille Seaman, b. 1969, American