A letter for Moran

«There is nothing more to tell. The house was empty. The company had cut off the light. They have offered to let me have it back. But I told them they could keep it.» —Samuel Beckett: Molloy

15 stones too many!

In my ongoing quest for blue I’ve today reached William Gass’ On Being Blue. A Philosophical Inquiry (1975). To my surprise, Gass starts off by quoting a text passage which I believe to be among the best pieces of literature ever written – The sucking-stones sequence, here is Molloy: I took advantage of being at the…

An old friend

Back to Beckett 11 years ago I finished my cand.philol. in comparative literature with a dissertation on Samuel Beckett’s Trilogy (Molloy (1951), Malone meurt (1951; Malone Dies) and L’innommable (1953: The Unnamable)). Since then I have read very little Beckett. My reading has trailed other routes. But this autumn, when going deeper into writing, Beckett…

Can it be we are not free? It might be worth looking into. — Samuel Beckett, Molloy