1 = 1

Today I have been reading “1 = 1” by Anne Carson It’s a wonderful text, you’ll find it in THE NEW YORKER – and here are just a few lines for you: Imagine how many pools, ponds, lakes, bays, streams, stretches of swimmable shore there are in the world right now, probably half of them … More 1 = 1

Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May … (cont.)

Still working on my rose-text, today I will show you a contemporary version of the motif: Cy Twombly: The Rose IV (2008). Acrylic on plywood, 252 x 740 cm. Cy Twombly’s The Rose is a cycle of five paintings, numbered I – V, the paintings are variations of each other. Cy Twombly: The Rose V (2008). Acrylic on plywood, 252 x 740 … More Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May … (cont.)


How to write about nature in a way that makes the reader feel the landscape as if she was there; wandering through it … absorbed, possessed – ? Here is Jean Sprackland: Countless times I’ve seen the shore hewn and hammered, scattered with whole tree trunks, steel pipes, oil drums, concrete fence posts, dead sheep. … More Sea-change

It is hard to drop from the self into the soul

From “The Edge of the Frame”, by Tony Hoagland             (an excerpt)   Joseph Cornell collected souvenirs of places he was miserable in, which pretty much was everywhere he went. Churchill felt afraid on stairs. Terrible migraines of Virginia Woolf entered her skull and would not be evicted. I read biographies because I want to … More It is hard to drop from the self into the soul