Still here

— sketching my way into autumn, having great fun mixing gouache & watercolours on my sketchbook pages

Summer days

Staying at home when everyone else is on holiday makes the everyday look a little bit different. The streets are empty, and so are the supermarkets, playgrounds and schoolyards – all deserted. All is peaceful … almost forsaken. Still I’m here, doing my daily sketches, recording what is. But I’m not only sketching, peaceful days…

Fjøløy Lighthouse

Still testing my new camera, I decided to take a day off and visit Fjøløy Lighthouse, a 45 minutes drive from where I usually spend my days. Fjøløy Lighthouse was built in 1849. The lighthouse station comprises the light, the engine house, a house, an outhouse and a boathouse. The lighthouse was automated in 1977, but the…


fisherwoman (Merriam-Webster): a woman who fishes as an occupation or for pleasure. To be honest; I do neither, but I do know how to make the perfect fish soup … … but I can’t do it without the help of this little guy and some friends of his –