A short note on working on paper

I have prepared 11 birch boards in different sizes; they are covered in layers of color and wild marks. They are hanging on my studio wall, but I’m not ready to go into dialogue with them yet. Maybe soon, or it might take some time. It doesn’t really matter; I trust the process and expect…

New unlikely places –

I’m still here, in this world of unlikely places. My plan for these new micro-paintings, was to stay in the abstract. To focus on colour and dynamic lines. But the thing with art, I have recently discovered, is that the maker is only partly in control, sometimes it feels like the object has a life…

I want to be a poem, not a poet —

But when his last night in Norway came, on 10 December, he greeted it with some relief, writing that it was perfectly possible that he would never return. –Ray Monk, Ludwig Wittgenstein

A letter for Moran

«There is nothing more to tell. The house was empty. The company had cut off the light. They have offered to let me have it back. But I told them they could keep it.» —Samuel Beckett: Molloy

From representational drawing to invented worlds

My recent shift from drawing to painting has not only led to a shift in form, but also, as it turns out, a shift in content. When painting, my focus is no longer on the observed outer world, as it is when I am doing urban sketching, croquis or floral studies. When painting my focus…