December  On the fire escape, onestupid petunia still blooms,purple trumpet blowinghigh notes at the sky longafter the rest of the bandhas packed upand gone home. — Sarah Frelig

True family

Second post on Thomas Moore’s  Care of the Soul: The sentimental image of family that we present publicly is a defense against the pain of proclaiming the family for what it is—a sometimes comforting, sometimes devastating house of life and memory. (Care of the Soul: 26) Just a few months ago my uncle, age 70,…

A family is a microcosm

For me, and I guess for many of you, Christmas is all about family. It might be the only time of year we all gather. Or the time of the year one becomes most aware of not having a family, or not wanting to be a part of one’s family.  It is a time of…

There is a crack in everything

Peter Clothier: For many years I counted myself among those who reject the notion of art as a potential source of healing. I saw both the practice and the appreciation of art as a largely formal and intellectual exercise: a game of the mind, a game capable of infinite richness, perhaps, but nonetheless a game….

Note to self – (part two)

A few days ago I asked myself: What happens if I (re-)make my linocut motif into a collage? Here is the answer: What I’ve learned? I think my experience can be summed up like this: You can never know exactly what will happen until you try … !

A short report from a busy semester

My intention, as summer turned in to autumn, was to “expand & broaden” my creative skills – turning from urban- & botanical sketching into testing different kinds of artistic methods and materials. Designing my own art education, I am free to choose my own path. Having a MA in literature & aesthetic theory (including art…

A degree of darkness

I spent my weekend in a graphic workshop learning the art of cyanotype. Or, to be more precise, studying the method of cyanotype – the art will hopefully enter into my work as I go along. Cyanotype is a nineteenth century photographic process using chemicals that produce beautiful blue prints when exposed to sunlight. The…

Passing Through

A short story of excellence, dedication and perseverance & of the joy and importance of meaning-making: Ted Kooser (1939) was the 13th Poet Laureate of the United States and received the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 2005.