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Vienna – final notes

I find it very difficult to photograph grand buildings. But there is an aspect with this shot that I quite likejust have a closer look at this guy:… mending the roof of the Stephansdom, rather brave, isn’t he? But now; if I am to review my visit to Vienna, I have to admit that in spite…

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– accidental muteness

… I forgot my mac cable in Vienna. Hopefully it will return, together with my husband, tomorrow. And I will again be able to speak, or write that is, about my last days in Vienna, and about my thoughts on Anita Brookners excellent novel Leaving Home … auf wiedersehen!

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Something really strange happened to me yesterday. In her comment to my blog post Virginia Woolf’s Nose, flowerville mentioned Carol Shields novel Unless – as a book that might interest me in relation to my own writing. How could she possible know?! (Here I am, writing away in a foreign language, speaking about thoughts that…

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Virginia Woolf’s Nose

A week a go, or so, I read Hermione Lee’s essay “Virginia Woolf’s Nose”, from her book Body Parts. In this essay Lee gives us a clever examination of Mrs Dalloway, and also a comparative analysis of Mrs Dalloway, Michael Cunningham’s novel The Hours and Stephen Daldry’s film adaption of Cunningham’s book. Lee is reading…

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