Lately I have spent more and more time looking at photographs. I have also, as you might have noticed, started to spend more time making my own. I don’t view my own pictures as art, but would rather call it a kind of documentary; a visual diary, perhaps? And I’m not especially interested in the … More Asylum

Bernd & Hilla and Me

as mentioned –The New Objectivity’s focus on the objective world resonated with later photographers like Bernd and Hilla Becher, who became influential artists and teachers highly regarded for their typological studies of various architectural structures. Bernd and Hilla Becher, Coal Bunker, GB 1973 And this Sachlichkeit do also, I must confess, resonate with me — here … More Bernd & Hilla and Me


— testing my new camera  Several years ago there was a fire on this site. There were no lives lost, but sever damages done to several buildings. While the town council are quarreling about whether to restore or build new, I’m trying to capture the beauty of these ugly ruins.  


Sometimes I do not understand my own preoccupation with neatness, when there clearly is so much beauty to be found in untidiness   Engøy (0,1 km2, 424 inhab) Stavanger, 24. april 2014  


yesterdays post led to some discussion on art and ethics. Working with ethical questions (I am following Deleuze’s distinction between ethics and moral), is to my mind a – or maybe the – central challenge for contemporary art. Maybe the new isn’t just about making new inventions, but just as much about showing us the old stuff … More – HEART OF DARKNESS