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A Morning Stroll –

— Altea The name Altea comes from the Greek Altahia which means “I cure”. In the last phase of Arab domination, Altea belonged to the Taifa of Denia. It was conquered in 1244 by Jaime I of Aragón and repopulated by Christians, obtaining the status of town in 1279. The church, IGLESIA PARROQUIAL DE NUESTRA…

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on being human

In some ways I guess this blog is here to demonstrate this one specific matter of fact: It’s almost impossible to talk about art. It’s extremely difficult to find words for transgressing experiences. I try, we try – again and again, but words tend to fail us. They become too many, or too vague; deficient,…

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Virginia Woolf: Art, Life and Vision

Planning ahead; my next journey abroad will go to London in July. Anyone else looking forward to this: News Release: National Portrait Gallery announces first exhibition exploring the life of Virginia Woolf through portraits First exhibition to explore the life and achievements of Virginia Woolf through portraiture Over 100 works to be displayed including paintings, photographs…

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when ordinary life captured

– becomes extraordinary    michael wolf How is it, that the most ordinary scenes, sometimes – when captured by the most watchful eye – can become art? And who would dispute the beauty in this very ordinary everyday scene?  No doubt the ordinary will have a central place in my study of beauty. Recently I…

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bathtub news

Not the most delicate of finds this one,but as a bathtub-documentarist I can’t afford to be choosy, my assignment is to document the reality, as it is … not to play around like –– an artist … ?    

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