Fools Like Us

It’s time to re-read a favorite poem Any fool can get into an ocean by Jack Spicer Any fool can get into an ocean But it takes a Goddess To get out of one. What’s true of oceans is true, of course, Of labyrinths and poems. When you start swimming Through riptide of rhythms and the … More Fools Like Us

A Thousand Mornings

There’s something about the ocean – Mary Oliver (b. 1935) I have just recently posted the two ocean-poems; “Any fool can get into an ocean” & “Thing Language” by Jack Spicer. Today I’ve viewed the ocean from a new perspective, through the eyes of Mary Oliver in her wonderful new book of poems called A Thousand Mornings. … More A Thousand Mornings

“Any fool can get into an ocean . . .”

Remember the Faulkner saying I quoted some days ago: “In writing, you must kill all your darlings”… Here is an interesting continuation: From his 1957 book After Lorca onward, the American poet Jack Spicer (1925-65) wrote what he described as “dictated” poetry. For Spicer, the poet acts as a receptive host for language, rather than as an agent of … More “Any fool can get into an ocean . . .”