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Poetry As Survival

Ars Poetica V (personal lyric, cont.); Poetry as Survival – postscript:                                          It is difficult to get the news from poems                                    …

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Silence & Suffering

Ars Poetica V (personal lyric, cont.) Speech is among the most fundamental ways we have to connecting our selves to other selves. This is what Gregory Orr can tell us about silence & suffering There are silences that are positive and powerful and willed by the self, but many silences have a destructive origin and destructive…

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The Two Survivals

Ars Poetica V (personal lyric, cont.) Gregory Orr writes: Survival no. 1 The difference between a lyric poet and a person who does not write poems is that the poet has an arena in which to focus his/her encounter with disorder. Every encounter with disorder of any sort that results in a poem is a successful…

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It’s the immemorial feelings I like the best: hunger, thirst, their satisfaction; work-weariness, earned rest; the falling again from loneliness to love;   from “Goods” by Wendell Berry    

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Ars Poetica V (personal lyric)

I found this book which I had left unfinished. And started re-reading: … for a poem to move us it must bring us near our own threshold. We must feel genuinely threatened or destabilized by the poem’s vision of disordering, even as we are simultaneously reassured and convinced by its orderings Gregory Orr: Poetry as Survival…

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Poem of the Day

GREGORY ORR To Be Alive / Poem of the Day : The Poetry Foundation. To be alive: not just the carcass But the spark. That’s crudely put, but… If we’re not supposed to dance, Why all this music? From  Concerning the Book That Is the Body Of the Beloved (Copper Canyon Press, 2005)

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