from The Street of Crocodiles . . . to the Tree of Codes

For years I had wanted to create a die-cut book by erasure, a book whose meaning was exhumed from another book. It was hardly an original idea: it’s a technique that has been practised for as long as there has been writing, perhaps most brilliantly by Tom Phillips in his magnum opus, A Humument. But the … More from The Street of Crocodiles . . . to the Tree of Codes

The Nature of Erasure

All poetry is fragment: it is shaped by its breakages, at every turn. It is the very art of turnings, toward the white frame of the page, toward the unsung, toward the vacancy made visible, that wordlessness in which our words are couched. Heather McHugh One of the things which really fascinate me about erasure … More The Nature of Erasure


I’m an explorer, discovering a kind of poetry I had no idea existed! Today I came upon Yedda Morrison. Yedda Morrison is an American writer & visual artist. I discovered her work through The Poetry Foundation. If you are interested in erasure poetry listen to this! Darkness is my attempt at a linguistic excision of … More Darkness