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Why prose?

on form (continued): Rankine says: Prose because I have intention – I want you to understand. Poetry, is a different story: You don’t impose – you encounter, you discover. … want more? I really recommend listening to: Edward Hirsch: Poets Writing Prose …

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Ars Poetica?

Citizen, says Dan Chiasson in The New Yorker, is a weave of artfully juxtaposed intensities, a quarrel within form about form: A prose poem, a police log, a journal entry, or—a confession board …? Reading Citizen I came to think of this poem (poem?) by Czeslaw Milosz, which in fact offer us a very exiting way to think about Claudia Rankine’s method:…

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Lyric essays or prose poems

or, perhaps … perhaps just the truth – My mother tells me I am just biding time. She means it as a push toward not biding time. She wants me to lead a readable life-one that can be read as worthwhile, and successful. My mother is not overly concerned with happiness, its fruitless pursuits or otherwise.…

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