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Short Talk On Housing

I have entered a new year of bookish life together with an old friend of mine, Anne Carson, or her texts, to be more precise. Close reading, slowly finding my way through her Short Talks. Here is how today started: Short Talk On Housing Here is one thing you can do if you have no…

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Art on art

When your head gets filled with too much theory – try art: A SHORT TALK ON THE END What is the difference between light and lighting? There is an etching called The Three Crosses by Rembrandt. It is a picture of the earth and the sky and Calvary. A moment rains down on them. The…

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1 = 1

Today I have been reading “1 = 1” by Anne Carson It’s a wonderful text, you’ll find it in THE NEW YORKER – and here are just a few lines for you: Imagine how many pools, ponds, lakes, bays, streams, stretches of swimmable shore there are in the world right now, probably half of them…

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Ars Poetica II

Originally posted on sub rosa:
Still soaked in the world of Anne Carson In ESSAY ON WHAT I THINK ABOUT MOST Carson dicuss the concept of ERROR (which is what she thinks about most) through a poem by the ancient Greek poet Alkman:  (…) There are three things I like about Alkman’s poem. (…) The…

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while waiting for Red Doc>

I’m still waiting for Red Doc>. While waiting I kill time reading about it … (Oh, well, I have to admit; this is not a 100% correct description of my situation, I mean – killing time is not exactly a habit of mine, but it sounded good, didn’t? And it is true that I’m looking forward to…

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