The Art of Seeing

I am an art critic, which means I spend a lot of time looking — Breidablikk, Stavanger — seeing, watching, gazing, staring, squinting ….; trying to take in what’s really there, in front of my eyes. 30 years ago I went to study architecture for a few years. I drew a lot at this time, … More The Art of Seeing

Fjøløy Lighthouse

Still testing my new camera, I decided to take a day off and visit Fjøløy Lighthouse, a 45 minutes drive from where I usually spend my days. Fjøløy Lighthouse was built in 1849. The lighthouse station comprises the light, the engine house, a house, an outhouse and a boathouse. The lighthouse was automated in 1977, but the … More Fjøløy Lighthouse

Story about a mother who develops an allergic reaction to her kids –

This is not a post on how to write and why – I spend most of my time writing … This is a post on how not to write and why: Every now and then I do some proper work, but most of the time I’m scribbling. Scribbling in the margins of books I read, … More Story about a mother who develops an allergic reaction to her kids –

Field report

I live in two houses, one by the sea and another by the ocean. The one by the sea is at Hundvåg, in Stavanger, a town house in a busy neighborhood . The ocean-house is in the country side. It takes me an hour to drive from one to the other. This week I’m by the … More Field report


Tag Um Tag Ist Guter Tag Apropos art & everyday life: Since 1974, the German artist Peter Dreher has painted nearly 5,000 versions of the same picture: a realistic, life-size image of a plain, cylindrical water glass centrally placed on a blank surface against a white wall. Peter Dreher “Nr. 44 (Day),” from 1982, in … More DAY BY DAY, GOOD DAY