Mothers by Rachel Zucker -the body of my mother is everywhere- Adrienne Rich –        Matrophobia’ as the poet Lynn Sukenick has termed it, is the fear not of one’s mother or of motherhood but of becoming one’s mother. …a dread that if one relaxes one’s guard one will identify with her completely. mother, mutter, mater, matter … More Matrophobia


MOTHERs by Rachel Zucker -the body of my mother is everywhere- … Last spring I fell in love with Bluets, this spring MOTHERs have become the most disturbing & sacred book in my possession. There is a kinship between the two, an affinity in form: both being hybrids, part memoirs and part poetry, and both … More Besetzung

Love, no matter what!

Parenting is no sport for perfectionists I’m writing a piece on art and motherhood. It will not be an exclusively positive portrait. Being a mother for 23 years have displayed a multifaceted picture, I’m trying to capture some of this complexity in my text. Today my research led me to two fantastic findings, to Andrew Solomon … More Love, no matter what!