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portrait of books & music

A few books from my Woolf collection. I will be systematic in reading Woolf this year, but unsystematic in which of her texts I read when. Much of the time I will go back en forth, combining her original work with texts on her work. I will also focus on her non-fiction with the same…

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new notes on the-HOME-project

I’m still reading Turchi, mixing his writing with my thoughts on/for the-HOME-project. I’m taking long-distance-etymological-notes on deserted and isolated spaces: Tundra, тундра, Permafrost Nomad Steppe Sastrugi Recrystallization Juniper Piteraq Thunderstorm – abandon – Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland Gurvansaikhan Mountains, Mongolia – inhabit: habitat Magical words, enchanted dreams …

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