Open City

Sometimes I’m reluctant to read books that are highly praised. Almost as if praise is in itself – dubious; a warning sign. Teju Cole’s Open City has been such a book for me. A book everyone seemed to like, a novel I was sure I would find wanting. I did not – Here is what i found: … More Open City

Ut pictura poesis

Tuesday I wrote a short note on Locus amoenus (latin for “pleasant place”). Today I have focused on a related term, namely Ekphrasis. Ekphrasis is related to Locus amoenus because they both deal with visualizing through words. According to Helge Ridderstrøm Many scholars make use of James Heffernan’s [Museum of Words: The Poetics of Ekphrasis from Homer to Ashbery, 1993] … More Ut pictura poesis

Locus amoenus

Reading The Rings of Saturn is an adventurous journey. Today it led me to have a look at the concept: Locus amoenus latin for “pleasant place”, locus amoenus is a literary term which generally refers to an idealized place of safety or comfort. A locus amoenus is usually a beautiful, shady lawn or open woodland, … More Locus amoenus

sinking into sand

reading The Rings of Saturn (1) In the opening of The Rings of Saturn the narrator tells us about Janine Dakyns, an unmarried lecturer in Roman languages. Janine is doing research on Flaubert, and is especially interested in his scruples – Flaubert, according to Janine -was convinced that everything he had written was a string … More sinking into sand

Meandering Narratives

I call his books novels, partly, I think, because I want to claim him for fiction, and partly because that seems the most inclusive term for their mélange of fictionalized memoir, travel journals, inventories of natural and man-made curiosities, impressionistic musings on painting, entomology, architecture, military fortifications, riffs on the lives of Kafka, Stendhal, Casanova, … More Meandering Narratives