Art instigate art

Lately Edward Hirsch has been influencing my way of thinking about art. Hirsch says things like “the purpose of poetry is not first and foremost to inspire the writer, but to inspire the reader”, and “there is not enough talk about emotions in contemporary criticism”. He is preoccupied by – and gives great importance to – the reader’s experience….

Ut pictura poesis

Tuesday I wrote a short note on Locus amoenus (latin for “pleasant place”). Today I have focused on a related term, namely Ekphrasis. Ekphrasis is related to Locus amoenus because they both deal with visualizing through words. According to Helge Ridderstrøm Many scholars make use of James Heffernan’s [Museum of Words: The Poetics of Ekphrasis from Homer to Ashbery, 1993]…