still things to do –

Harold Gilman, Shopping List (1912), Oil paint on canvas Photo © Rodney Todd-White & Son . Look at the intensity in this painting; the contrasting green & pink, the glow and shine in the pottery, the soft blue set against the reddish brown, the intensity of the woman, lost in her own planning, not noticing being watched. How … More still things to do –

studying blues

colour-samples from my morning walk oh hey – whats about the nasty bunker-shed?! Maggie Nelson’s narrator fell in love with blue I set out to study why Risking falling in love with the ugliest shed in the world in the process –

Cold & crisp

my terrace is facing west, this is what the world looks like from my point of view at 9 am on a cold and clear winter morning. our little boat is on the water (in the middle of this picture), and maybe you can see that there is a thin film of ice on the … More Cold & crisp

For Kim

– who asked for pictures of my books/bookcases I do not think Mrs Woolf would have appreciated it, but it is the truth, and I’d better tell you: There is no door into my new study. Its an open attic, everyone can enter – whenever … At the moment I’m focusing on learning how to write … More For Kim

Afternoon walk

Sunrise 09:35 Sunset 15:48 Length of day 6h 22m (tomorrow it will be 2m more…) Ok, the weather could have been better, but who can really complain when living in a landscape like this?