still things to do –

Harold Gilman, Shopping List (1912), Oil paint on canvas Photo © Rodney Todd-White & Son . Look at the intensity in this painting; the contrasting green & pink, the glow and shine in the pottery, the soft blue set against the reddish brown, the intensity of the woman, lost in her own planning, not noticing being watched. How…

see what I saw

sometimes I feel embedded in this landscape somedays I feel the landscape embedded in me – Årsland, Jæren, Norway

Come Rain, Come Shine

  Testing out my new camera. The world really had a lot to offer us this morning – 100% natural beauty.  

Early morning walk

We’re expecting a summer storm, this is what it looks like before hell breaks loose –

studying blues

colour-samples from my morning walk oh hey – whats about the nasty bunker-shed?! Maggie Nelson’s narrator fell in love with blue I set out to study why Risking falling in love with the ugliest shed in the world in the process –

Cold & crisp

my terrace is facing west, this is what the world looks like from my point of view at 9 am on a cold and clear winter morning. our little boat is on the water (in the middle of this picture), and maybe you can see that there is a thin film of ice on the…

For Kim

– who asked for pictures of my books/bookcases I do not think Mrs Woolf would have appreciated it, but it is the truth, and I’d better tell you: There is no door into my new study. Its an open attic, everyone can enter – whenever … At the moment I’m focusing on learning how to write…

Afternoon walk

Sunrise 09:35 Sunset 15:48 Length of day 6h 22m (tomorrow it will be 2m more…) Ok, the weather could have been better, but who can really complain when living in a landscape like this?

Taking occupancy

Gradually things are finding their places in my new home. My husband & I both do a lot of work from home, so studies have had a high priority in our planning. (We have had no choices on the exterior design of the house, but have had some saying on the interior – and have…

On my own

As from June 1st I have resigned from all my work as an art- and literature reviewer. I have been writing critiques since 2006, and see this writing as an important part of my education. But now its time to start working, that is writing on my own material, which really leave me little &…