Still life paintings in 2021?!?

So why would one, or more precisely I, want to make still life paintings in 2021? I have asked myself this question quite often lately but have yet to find a good answer. Not only do still life painting seem a bit … old fashioned?! The still life has in fact always been regarded as…

True family

Second post on Thomas Moore’s  Care of the Soul: The sentimental image of family that we present publicly is a defense against the pain of proclaiming the family for what it is—a sometimes comforting, sometimes devastating house of life and memory. (Care of the Soul: 26) Just a few months ago my uncle, age 70,…

Summer days

Staying at home when everyone else is on holiday makes the everyday look a little bit different. The streets are empty, and so are the supermarkets, playgrounds and schoolyards – all deserted. All is peaceful … almost forsaken. Still I’m here, doing my daily sketches, recording what is. But I’m not only sketching, peaceful days…

still things to do –

Harold Gilman, Shopping List (1912), Oil paint on canvas Photo © Rodney Todd-White & Son . Look at the intensity in this painting; the contrasting green & pink, the glow and shine in the pottery, the soft blue set against the reddish brown, the intensity of the woman, lost in her own planning, not noticing being watched. How…

see what I saw

sometimes I feel embedded in this landscape somedays I feel the landscape embedded in me – Årsland, Jæren, Norway

Come Rain, Come Shine

  Testing out my new camera. The world really had a lot to offer us this morning – 100% natural beauty.  

Early morning walk

We’re expecting a summer storm, this is what it looks like before hell breaks loose –