Job without God

To all my nature loving friends, if you can manage to tear yourself free from the wilderness for just a short while, here is a film to watch; the Russian movie Leviathan is a beautiful story about the strength of nature and the weakness of man. It’s a story about Job without God, about the … More Job without God

La grande bellezza

Yesterday my study of beauty led me to the movies, to see Paolo Sorrentino’s La grande bellezza (The Great Beauty) (2013), a film which has been described as Sorrentino’s modern take on the themes of Fellini’s La dolce vita. La grande bellezza is a film about Jep Gambardella, a journalist (and a stalled author) who … More La grande bellezza

Love, no matter what!

Parenting is no sport for perfectionists I’m writing a piece on art and motherhood. It will not be an exclusively positive portrait. Being a mother for 23 years have displayed a multifaceted picture, I’m trying to capture some of this complexity in my text. Today my research led me to two fantastic findings, to Andrew Solomon … More Love, no matter what!

… forgetfulness

The Dad Poet has a great post on poetry and philosophy, using a beautiful poem by Billy Collins as a springboard, or maybe rather as a centerpiece, for the discussion. Following some links on The Dad Poets’ page, I ended up with some great animations made to Collins’ poems. Here is Forgetfulness Forgetfulness – Billy … More … forgetfulness

Becoming intimate with fear

—Philosophy ought really to be written only as a form of poetry. (Philosophie dürfte man eigentlich nur dichten.)  Ludwig Wittgenstein, Culture and Value * Maggie Nelson: I’ve often written about things that terrify me—likely out of compulsion more than hope for comfort, or catharsis; as Peter Handke says near the end of his horrified memoir of his mother’s suicide, A Sorrow Beyond Dreams, … More Becoming intimate with fear

The Floating House

– rediscovering blueness; in all its strange and wonderful variations. Paulette Phillips, The Floating House, 2002. Video still from the 16mm film. . Paulette Phillips made a beautiful video of a house adrift on the Atlantic Ocean, a house which slowly gets pulled under by the force of the sea. The film has a very interesting … More The Floating House

Christmas in February

A dear friend, whom I sometimes suspects knows me better than I know myself, came to visit me the other night. She brought me a delayed christmas gift, containing this:  India Song – a 1975 French film directed by Marguerite Duras. It has been some years now since I last visited the world of Marguerite Duras. I … More Christmas in February

Re-thinking landscape

I have posted on him before, but today I discovered this very interesting talk by Edward Burtynsky – why don’t you have a look? ©Edward Burtynsky I think the environmental movement has failed in that it’s used the stick too much; it’s used the apocalyptic tone too much; it hasn’t sold the positive aspects of … More Re-thinking landscape