A bathtub follow up

Time for a new Abreuvoir I spotted this watering place on my afternoon walk, not sure what the pipes are for – maybe just there to add some colour to my photo? I also found this beautiful harrow – left to rust in a corner of no-mans-land. And a tyre trying to become nature …

bathtub news

Not the most delicate of finds this one,but as a bathtub-documentarist I can’t afford to be choosy, my assignment is to document the reality, as it is … not to play around like –– an artist … ?    

bathtub update

I have yet to discover any connection between the bathtub project and my search for beauty, but I guess a link will turn up somewhere along the way …This image is from Lundsneset, a 15 minutes walk from my house. I haven’t seen any cattle nor any sheep on these fields since I moved here. But … More bathtub update

have a drink!

I wonder; will the cows really wade out here to drink? And another question for you all: Do cows in all countries, all over the world – drink from bathtubs? Or is this a local Scandinavian phenomenon? Tungenes fyr can you see its raining at sea? a closer look at the lighthouse, now a part … More have a drink!