Short Talk On Housing

I have entered a new year of bookish life together with an old friend of mine, Anne Carson, or her texts, to be more precise. Close reading, slowly finding my way through her Short Talks. Here is how today started: Short Talk On Housing Here is one thing you can do if you have no…

… we a world of accountants

I’ve told you before, but it’s well worth repeating: Lisa Carver’s Reconsidering Yoko Ono, it’s a marvelous book. Carver’s book isn’t a traditional work of art history, or an artist monograph; it seems rather to touch upon the soul of Ono’s life-long project. Carver’s style is essayistic and free, her work a body of inspired…

a deeper level of experience –

I do not know how this happened; but suddenly, in the midst of reading about Yoko Ono, I remembered something I have read years ago in the The Birth of Tragedy. It has to do with art and life. Edvard Munch, Friedrich Nietzsche (1906) For Nietzsche, art is not just a form of human activity but is…


Whisper your dream to a cloud Ask the cloud to remember it – Yoko Ono, Acorn

(creative?!???) MESS, or: a state of confusion and disorderliness

I’ve started working on a short essay on Maggie Nelson’s Bluets. the book keeps popping up in my imagination, so I’ve decided to try to write myself through my fascination. As for now I haven’t got any written stuff to show you, but this is what my desk looks like at the moment: in comparison…

Fly Piece

Skin two thousand baloons. Fly them in the air. Yoko Ono, spring 1964

Throwing Piece

Throw a stone into the sky high enough  so it will not come back. Yoko Ono, spring 1964 * * *

Travel Piece

Make a key. Find a lock that fits. If you find it, burn the house that is attached to it Yoko Ono, spring 1964 * * *

Yoko Ono

Have I ever told you how much I love the art of Yoko Ono? I am used to think of her as a visual performance artist, but she is also a great conceptual writer, just have a look at this: Dance Report – on hiding Dance Report – on facing Yoko Ono moved from Japan…