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Jacob Marrel

One bloom was more popular than any other in the Golden Age: the tulip. Originally Turkish, this flower was so popular that numerous albums were made of its many varieties, depicted in detail in watercolour and body colour. One of the most famous albums, which featured this picture, was by Jacob Marrel. Beside each flower he gave the name of the…

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On Beauty

As some of you already know, last week I tried to get my art students interested in art history by showing them two works: Jan Davidsz de Heem, Vase of Flowers, (1660) Heikki Marila: Kukat XIX, (2009) Comparing these two paintings worked really well as an opening into the field of art history. The students had…

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A discovery

I just made a strange discovery. Two days ago I wrote, in my post called Preparations, about Heikki Marila winning the Carnegie Art Award. Today I discovered what I suspect to be the foundation for Heikki Marila’s Kukat XIX, (2009). Just have a look at this: Jan Davidsz de Heem, Vase of Flowers, c. 1660. And then Marila…

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