On line

Ian McKeever on drawing: Ian McKeever was born in Withernsea, Yorkshire in 1946 and lives and works in Hartgrove, England. He has studied English Literature and began working as an artist in 1968.

Chuta Kimura

The discovery of a new painter is like the discovery of a new world “I would like someday to make a pilgrimage to Clos-Saint-Pierre, but only because the marvellous drawings of it by the Japanese painter Chuta Kimura so enchant my vision that I cannot take my eyes of them when I see them.”  —…

Two tiny paintings

Working with a limited palette – testing what colours can become. Shapes & lines … … left to the whim – .

Short report from «The 100 day project»

I have completed my first 20 days of the 100 day project … and my biggest surprise so far, is that I’m really enjoying it! I must admit it takes quite a lot of time, but what happens is that I discover things I would not have noticed in a less persistent praxis. Again and…

Things to Think

Things to Think Think in ways you’ve never thought beforeIf the phone rings, think of it as carrying a messageLarger than anything you’ve ever heard,Vaster than a hundred lines of Yeats. Think that someone may bring a bear to your door,Maybe wounded and deranged: or think that a mooseHas risen out of the lake, and…

Working with limitations

Working with limitations: 2 reds (pyrrole red +  quinacridone) 1 yellow (hansa yellow light) 2 minutes (or maybe 5 …)

New marks

my week in painting – visual brief Playing with marks & colour; acrylic paint on gessoed paper

A letter for Moran

«There is nothing more to tell. The house was empty. The company had cut off the light. They have offered to let me have it back. But I told them they could keep it.» —Samuel Beckett: Molloy