1. Sigrun, Such are the vagaries of the internet that I only today found your answer to my question, and your question of me! I am delighted to know someone from Stavanger. The west coast is always a good place to be. (I am on the west coast of California, near San Francisco.)

        About “Ten Windows”: I do like almost anything Jane Hirshfield writes, but I did not find “Ten Windows” as exciting as “Nine Gates,” which I have read and re-read. I think it has something to do with Hirshfield’s own excitement over the ten year period she was writing them, the early 90’s, when she was still very close to her Soto Zen practice. It was also a time when I was trying to solidify my own beliefs, using her words. “Each poet [Rilke and Basho], in his own language, states that the basic matter of poetry comes not from the self, but from the world. From Things, which will speak to us on their own terms and with their own wisdom, but only when approached with our full and unselfish attention.”

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