And all art is poetry

Creativity is an exploratory process to find the concealed material within. We won’t always discover it. If we do, it may not make sense. A seed could draw us because it contains something we don’t understand, and this vague attraction will be as close to knowing as we ever get.

Some aspects of the self don’t like to be approached head-on. They prefer to arrive indirectly, in their own way. As sudden glimpses caught in accidental moments, like sunlight glinting off the surface of a wave.

These apparitions don’t fit into words that can easily be expressed in ordinary language. They’re extra-ordinary. Beyond the mundane. A poem can convey information that can’t be transmitted through prose or conversation.

And all art is poetry.

Rubin, Rick. The Creative Act (p. 380). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. 

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