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“To be in favor of solitude is not to be against community or friendship or love. It’s not that being alone is better, just that without the experience of it we block ourselves from discovering something enormously beneficial, perhaps even vital, to selfhood. Who are you when you are not a friend, a partner, a lover, a sibling, a parent, a child? When no one is with you, what do you do, and do you do it differently than if someone was there?”

A Horse at Night: On Writing by Amina Cain

It’s hard for us to see our own selves if we’re not ever alone.

Amina Cain Interviewed by Laura Adamczyk

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  1. bluebrightly says:

    That’s exactly it. I’m glad that I don’t live alone at this point in time but I value certain experiences I’ve had while alone, like travel in a foreign country, very much. Just for that reason. Thanks, Sigrun, and Happy Holidays, whatever way you choose to celebrate. 🙂

    1. Sigrun says:

      Book is very good-highly recommended ☺️ Thank you for visiting ❤️
      Happy holidays ❤️

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