This is how Amina Cain’s novel Indelicacy begins:

I THOUGHT THAT BEING in the country would help me write, with its fields and its horses, but I don’t think I was meant for that. For the country, or for help.

—Amina Cain

Sometimes a short paragraph is enough. Something unique is unfolding, words – this common system of letters – come together in a way not quite like anything you’ve ever encountered before … A new world is about to open —

And so I will continue reading Cain, to discover more about her words and her worlds, and as always in good art; to discover myself.

Amina Cain is the author of two collections of short fiction, Creature and I Go to Some Hollow.

You’ll find an interview wit her here:

In the Process of Becoming: The Millions Interviews Amina Cain

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  1. That sounds interesting. 😀

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